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“Grace binds us together.  As Jesus’ love flows though us and our faith and love spill out into the community and touch the lives of our neighbors, every little act of love and kindness draws us closer together.”

The ways of doing the 100-hour Community Service Challenge are only limited by our imagination, creativeness and Spirit-inspired courage to step outside our comfort zone and joyfully serve others in Jesus’ name.

As we ramp up toward Trinity’s 100th Anniversary Gala Celebration on Sept. 24, 2017, we are challenging one another to recommit to living out our core mission and purpose — Following Jesus.  Reach Grow Go.  Real Life with Real People — in the twelve months leading up to our Anniversary Celebration in September 2017.

What might this look like?  As followers of Jesus, the challenge is for all able-bodied Trinity members to find fresh & creative ways of doing 100 hours of community-centered, servant-hearted service to our neighbors that reflects Jesus’ love and brings honor and glory to God.  It’s a challenge to Reach, Grow and Go.

This will take many different forms and shapes.  Different people will serve in different ways — each according to their gifts, interests, and ministry passions. The best ideas are unique to you and come from a time of prayer and a nudge of God’s Spirit.  A simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness can go a long way.  Click on these simple, fun ideas for neighboring.

Other examples would be to join the Handyman Care Ministry Team doing projects to serve widows or single moms… or helping serve a 4th Thursday HomePlate meal to at-risk and homeless youth or signing up for a 45 minute morning/afternoon shift to transport families between the Calvary Lutheran shelter and the Family Promise Day House.

Note:  Many Trinity members are already very active in serving others in our community in our own unique way and have been doing so for years.  Examples: cleaning out the gutters or cutting the lawn of an elderly neighbor; Prayer Shawl Minstry; World Relief Quilting; volunteering at Tuality Hospital, the Senior Center, the Oregon International Air Show, serving at the Washington County Museum, or Tuesday Night Market.  Any time you spend serving neighbors and sharing Jesus’ love people in need are a vital part of this 100 hour Community Service Challenge and should be counted.  Having said that, you can still pray about whether God’s Spirit is leading you to stretching the rubber band a little more and ask Him if there is a fresh new way He would like you to join Him on His mission. Check out the other links on the Trinity website under SERVE and see if something sparks your interest and speaks to your heart.

Here is a list of some of our Community Partners.  Click on the names of the organizations and you’ll find specific volunteer service opportunities as well as contact information and details about what, when, and how.

Often the best place to start is right in our own neighborhood.  God has planted us in our particular neighborhood to be His “light” and “salt” (Matthew 5:13-16).  More than likely you already know some of your neighbors. There are countless ways to reach out and refect Jesus’ love.  It just requires a little intentionality mixed with love for both Jesus and people that trumps whatever shyness and hesitation we may feel.  Pray that God will open a door (2 Corinthians 2:12).  The important thing is to Just Do Something!