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Joining Jesus on His Mission
Joining a ministry team is one of the best ways to mulitply
each team member’s strengths and gifts through partnership to better
serve our neighbors, the community, and beyond.


Our desire is to discover what Jesus is already doing,
and reflecting His grace, gentleness and power,
to step up and play our part — small yet significant —
in joining Jesus in His Mission.


“If we truly believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ,
then we believe that the gospel matters — not just for
our personal salvation and blessing,
but also for God’s pursuit of restoration, redemption,
and reconciliation of the entire world.”


We Believe & Affirm 


“A gospel that not only saves but also serves;


A gospel that not only saves but seeks to restore all things back
unto the One that ushered forth all that is good and beautiful;

A gospel that not only saves but ushers in the kingdom of God;

A gospel the not only saves but restores the dignity of humanity —
even in the midst of our brokenness and depravity.”

 Eugene Cho, Overrated – David C Cook 2014


Clint Souligny, Minister of Outreach
Phone: (503) 640-1693