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M2M LIFE GROUPS – North, South, East & West

Along with the Trinity Woodchuckers and King’s Riders, there are a number of Life Groups specifically designed for men.  These groups meet off-site in local restaurants, bars and participant’s homes for BBQs and special events.


Grand Lodge, FG or Rock Creek Tavern — 1st & 3rd Thurs, 6:30-8pm (Sept to June)

Tues Morning Men’s Breakfast @ IHOP  6:30am (Sept – June)

Friday M2M Panera Bread 6:30 am (all year round)


M2M Halloween Party – McMenamin’s Grand Lodge, Forest Grove


The disappearing wall:  “Now you see it, now you don’t…”



The only difference between men and boys … the cost of their toys.”



“First plan your work; then work your plan.”


The reason women live longer than men… check out the jerry-rigged ladder!



Selita entertaining the OTS troops with her violin.


Jerry and Mel prepare to scale “the peak”

Clint Souligny, Minister of Outreach &congregational Life
Phone: 503 640-1693