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King’s Riders – Fly Like An Eagle

There is a special brotherhood between all bikers — even if they’re stangers passing each other on the road.

At Trinity, we have a group called King’s Riders.  We a free-spirited bunch with goodlooking bikes who love God and motorcycles and enjoy getting together from time-to-time for a ride out through the beautiful Oregon countryside.
One fun annual tradition at Trinity – Easter Sunday morning, the King’s Riders ride in on their Harleys and park them up along the sidewalk to greet those arriving for Easter Worship!

Some brave souls among us are “Rain o’ Shiners” – here is Don S emptying a helmet full of rain before coninuing on his ride.

We have so many fun, bigger-than-life personalities of both genders as part of the group.

Congrats to the newlyweds Veta & Michael.

We usually end up at a special destination where we can catch up over a cold brew and juicy burger.

Stan Johnston Memorial Toy Run
Bikers come from afar like Wise Men bearing gifts for Jesus — only this time around it’s toys and teddy bears for needy kids. There’s nothing quite like the rumble of 250 motorcylces down Main Street of downtown Hillsboro stretching all the way back between 1st and 10th Avenues.  And, once we get rolling, the convoy never stops since local motorcycle police escort us through the city and leap frog ahead at each intersection to stop traffic.  A great time is always had by all no matter if they’re 1%ers or a church motorcycle ministies like ours.

 to see photos from the 2015 Toy Run.
  Amazing Cinnamon Rolls!
Camp 18 Deja Vu Ride  Sat, June 4th, 2016              Camp 18 Surprise Party for Pastor Bruce & Carol
McMenamin’s Oregon Hotel & Rooftop Bar in McMinnville.

Another fun King’s Riders tradition. Each year we pray a blessing over the Youth Misson Team heading off to Mexico or New Orleans and then provide them a roaring motorcyle escort out of town and send them on their way.


Pastor Bruce Rumsch, Minister of Worship & Spiritual Care
Phone: 503-640-1693