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Message from Pastor Bruce

When we encounter a crossroad it’s often hard to determine which way to go.  There can be some apprehension.  Fortunately, in our CrossRoads Journey, we have someone to follow, Jesus.

Over two years ago, we began to shift our emphasis to “Joining Jesus on His Mission” in a more intentional manner.  Jesus stated His mission very simply: “…to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).  As we have sought to Follow Jesus, our mission has become clearer, and the correct path at the CrossRoads has become more obvious.  But now, what exactly do the specifics of this CrossRoads look like and what is involved?

As we travel this CrossRoads together we: 1) seek to enhance and expand our mission outreach; 2) finish and expand our original construction plan to include a dedicated sanctuary; and 3) to deepen and expand our understanding and practice of sacrificial giving and stewardship.  All for the express purpose of following Jesus and participating with Him in seeking the searching and lost.


A fellow traveler,

Pastor Bruce

Message from Minister of Outreach


As we GO… we GROW.
Our CrossRoads Journey is about the Spirit of Jesus leading us on an exciting new adventure.  God desires to revitalize our faith and stretch our ability to trust in Him. As we LEAN FORWARD into His will and prayerfully trust in His precious promises, we know that He will show up in surprising and unexpected ways and fulfill the vision He has planted in our heart.

On the blueprints page, you’ll find a 4D OUTREACH MODEL which fleshes out the CrossRoads Journey core objectives for mission.  Imagine what it will mean for God’s kingdom in Hillsboro as we follow live out these action plans and impact the Hillsboro community with God’s love.


In His joy,
Clint Souligny

Message from Minister of Youth & Young Adults

CrossRoads is creating a mindset for missions, worship, and giving. It is truly exciting to see how CrossRoads will bless the youth, but it is even more exciting to see how God will use the youth in this journey. When I look at all that CrossRoads is doing, I see the possibilities for the youth program.

I see a worship center that invests in the tools needed for worship. A sound system that fills the walls with praise, screens with clear words so people can sing along, beautiful videos, and all the instruments needed for modern worship.  I see a new worship center that will facilitate an encounter with God and his people.

I see the celebration center being open for youth activities. I see a youth room with comfy couches, tables and chairs, coffee makers, sinks, refrigerators, slushy machines, TV’s, ping pong tables and foosball tables. A room that is truly the youth’s and a place where they can come as they are to have an experience that fosters relationships with each other and a relationship with Jesus.

I see us inviting schools and groups to meet here because we want to be a true neighborhood church in our community. I see volleyball and basketball tournaments, I see community meals, and I see plays and concerts. I see a place that youth call home.

Exciting things are happening here at Trinity and we are eager to see just how God uses the CrossRoads journey to bless the community around us and invite us to follow Jesus every day.

Josh Nix


Message from Minister of Children & Preschool Director

As I prepare to begin this CrossRoads Journey with you, I ponder what God has called me to do as a follower of Jesus. Over the past few years I have felt God’s spirit leading me to find ways to reach out and be more visible in the community.  During this process, I have learned to trust God and follow His lead. How do I know I am making the right choices and that I am on the correct path? The truth is I don’t always know and occasionally I question my actions. What I do know is God wants me to love him, love others and share the good news about my salvation through Jesus.  I believe that’s our purpose and focus here on earth.

The CrossRoads Journey is meant to help us learn the next step God has planned for Trinity Lutheran church. While generously giving, and seeking God’s guidance we hope to expand our missions by serving people in our community and our facility by building a sanctuary. Along this journey, we must continue to trust God and know He wants us to shine His light in a world full of darkness.  Many great things have happened at Trinity over the last ninety-nine years, including Trinity Lutheran Preschool which was established from trusting God on our move from 5th and Main.

I am excited to travel on this journey with you. I once heard, “the path of joy is not looking back but looking forward to see what God has planned for us”. I believe that God has great plans for Trinity and if we continue to glorify Him through the process we will find much joy on this CrossRoads Journey.

God’s Blessings,
Rene Barringer

Message from the Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is so thankful that God brought us this far on our journey from humble beginnings. It is our prayer that God would ignite in us a new commitment to living and sharing God’s word and a renewed infilling of God’s Spirit.

Watch for opportunities to grow and support Trinity immeasurably more than you can think or imagine.

Prayer Leaders,

Karen Kenyon & Nori Anderson

We encourage you to add this to your daily prayers or devotions:

Dear Lord, help us place our faith and trust in You, as we join You on Your mission. We are excited to be a part of growing and expanding all of Trinity’s ministries, especially those focused on missions, outreach, youth and children.  We look forward to seeking new and exciting ways to use a new sanctuary and our celebration center to further your kingdom.   We thank you for all the blessings you have given us these last 100 years and as we embark on the next 100 years we do so with joy, peace, and love, knowing it is Your will that will be done.

Thank You from the Structure Team

As the leader of the Structural Team I want to give a big Thank You to all the team members.  I also want to include all the people that met with us and shared their thoughts, wishes, and dreams. Some of us have been meeting since October 2014 and others are just now joining us.  This does not really matter at all.

What really matters is that Trinity is changing and what we have prayed for is becoming a reality.  Please join us on this CrossRoads Journey. I really believe God has a plan for Trinity, and we are just doing His will.

Now is the time to thank our Lord for all the blessings He has given us daily.


Structural Team Leader,
Dave Holscher