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Case Statement


 “and you will be My witnesses”  Acts 1:8

With these words, Jesus invited His followers to join Him on His mission. The power to do so would come 10 days after His ascension with the day of Pentecost and the mighty rushing presence of the Holy Spirit to enable, equip, and empower them for the audacious Great Commission to which Jesus had called them.

One hundred years ago, in September of 1917, another group of Jesus followers were called to be witnesses in the greater Hillsboro area and Trinity Lutheran Church in Hillsboro came into being. The Mission of God into which they were called is the same today as in the time of the apostles — to seek and save the lost, to seek first God’s kingdom, to wash one another’s feet in love, and to sacrificially give ourselves in service to our neighbor and community. Now, 100 years later, the same call from the Holy Spirit is being repeated: “… and you will be My witnesses …”

Trinity:  the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Throughout our history, and especially now as we begin the next hundred years, the triune God has been our strength and identity. The faithfulness of God the Father, the life-changing Word and Gospel of Jesus, and the presence and indwelling of the Spirit have been our Solid Rock over the last 100 years and will be for the next 100 — or until Jesus returns.

Our purpose and mission statement contains three imperatives:  Follow Jesus – Reach, Grow, Go – Real Life with Real People.  It’s interesting that there have also been three major developments that have caused Hillsboro to grow faster than any other community around us: the MAX light rail, the new Reeds Crossing South Hillsboro development (8,000 homes, 20,000 people), and Hillsboro being the high-tech hub in Oregon for Intel and other companies.

Trinity once again finds itself at a major crossroads, literally, figuratively, and spiritually.  Because of this, it is time to enter our next 100 years with new vitality –a new commitment to living and sharing God’s Word and a renewed infilling of God’s Spirit!  The CrossRoads Journey will enable, engage, and empower us to fulfill our call to Follow Jesus and Join Him on His Mission.  There are three prime objectives of this journey:

  • Enhance and expand our mission outreach in the Hillsboro and surrounding areas;
  • Finish and expand the original construction plan for our current facility by adding a dedicated sanctuary to complement the existing Prayer Chapel; and
  • Deepen and expand our understanding and practice of sacrificial giving and stewardship of the gifts and resources God has entrusted to our care.

Over the next number of months, we will begin celebrating our 100‌th Anniversary and launching into the next 100 years of Trinity.  God has blessed us immeasurably more than our original charter members could have ever imagined and those who come after us will no doubt marvel at God’s grace today.  We thoroughly believe that the words of Esther 4:14 are appropriate now, that ‌“for such a time as this”‌ God is calling us to: